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Your own voyage will be unique to you – follow your excitable self and see where it leads

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Route1Million will appeal to you if you’ve ever thought to yourself, what if only I could just set off and see what happens! a journey, a business venture, change of direction > Route1

An enterprising explorers view of life, business and adventure by various vehicles, sharing insights and experience from 35 years of venturing freelance.

Self sufficient, independent, freedom, open minded, inquisitive, visual, explorer, traveller, overlanding, alternatives, calm, thinkers, realthings, wealth, sharing, values, knowledge, saving, passive income, explore, new things, ideas, sales, efficient.

Stay curious and explore the meaning and reasoning for why things are done a certain way, remain ‘un-reasonable’ in the goals and demands we set ourselves.

Perspectives from people with genuine hard worked real World experience in those fields.  Nothing beats real life experience.

Route1Million sharing insights and tips as I continue my own 1 Million ventures, managing and exploring value, travel, momentum, business and links between UK ASIA & USA.

venture far

a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

pioneering ventures into little-known waters.

undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action.

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A route travelled, a journey or a venture.

Miles, experiences, observations, dollars, people, connections or maybe all of these.

Join the ride and let’s see where this venture leads > it’s an ongoing journey to freedom, but will we make it in time!?

© Steve Hotson – 2018 – from the book ‘Route1Million’  –  ‘exploring ventures’  All rights reserved.

Steve Hotson Explorer/Venturer

steve Hotson route1 million

I’m Steve > venturing author of ROUTE1MILLION.
Setting off into the unknown & figuring things out is my specialisation!

Ventures travelling over 1Million road miles.

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you here and look forward to helping you with your own ventures > contact Steve @ Route1million

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