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Yes, it’s coming! The inspiring Route 1 Million ventures book –  it’s only taken 30 years of venturing far! – so just wait a little longer please.

A visual fast access fun read venturers hand book you’ll want to share, or maybe keep all to yourself!

Things you wished they’d taught us at school > useful for you & your colleagues – family – children

Comes with a serious health warning > this book may lead you to challenging adventurous environments

Compiled from 30 years of exploring ventures >
For: alternative thinkers, inspiration seekers, far flung travellers, overland aficionado, motor exploring drivers, eastern thinkers, fotographers, inquisitive visionaries, truckers, business, motorbiking, shop owners, enterprising start-ups, writers, freelance desirers, students, entrepreneurs in making, fun-seekers and liberal thinkers – hope > that’s YOU! > venture far and make sure you have your really useful Route1Million handbook with you 🙂

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A slightly crazier title; I almost called the book; How to drive a Lap of Kazakhstan!  Since I’d conceived the idea to pen out this book whilst driving across that mighty Stan (the size of western Europe) on the 3rd lap, traveling my way back to UK from China, “really”
Route1Million Top-tip; Better to give projects uplifting and inspiring titles, rather than the slightly obscure, I hope!
tip2; experiment!

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Full of real worldly info and tips – a really useful venture book to help you make money work & travel far;

  • Learn from 1st hand experience of world enterprising freelancers
  • Get fast fire insights, business tips and ideas
  • Relate to real life challenges, personal and financial to help you keep momentum
  • Attention > sales insights – delivered in fast plain talking English
  • With an intriguing mix of Anglo-Hungarian H’isms – just to humour those who know me!

A journal type book which you can draw on for inspiration – you’ll find so useful you’ll buy all your friends, children and family their own copy also!

If you’re excited to get the Route1Million bookdrop me a line, get on the pre-order list and encourage me to ‘write faster’!   lots of wisdom from the Silk Road

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Sharing real life experiences

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Make money work > venture far

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Inspiration and practical advice to make your own route to 1million a practical achievable reality

To help you make your own Route 1 Million ventures

A million miles, ventures, dollars, connections or all of these!

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Wherever you dream to venture

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Make it happen

Route1Million will appeal to you if you’ve ever thought to yourself, what if only I could just set off and see what happens! a journey, a business venture, change of direction > Route1

An enterprising explorers view of life, business and adventure by various vehicles, sharing insights and experience from 35 years of venturing freelance.

Self sufficient, independent, freedom, open minded, inquisitive, visual, explorer, traveller, overlanding, alternatives, calm, thinkers, realthings, wealth, purpose, sharing values, knowledge, saving, passive income, exploring, sales, motoring, travel, finances.

Stay curious and explore the meaning and reasoning for why things are done a certain way, remain ‘un-reasonable’ in the goals and demands we set ourselves.

Perspectives from people with genuine hard worked real World experience in those fields.  Nothing beats real life experience.

Route1Million sharing insights and tips as I continue my own 1 Million ventures, managing and exploring value, travel, momentum, business and links between UK ASIA & USA.

Your own voyage will be unique to you – follow your excitable self and see where it leads.  My site and content is all shared free to use, some of the links may be affiliated links which may pay a referral to me if you choose to use their services yourself.  If you do so, none of the services would cost you anything extra than if you went direct. All companies or services are one’s I’ve been happy using myself, or highly recommended to me by other travellers/freelancers. 

venture far

a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

pioneering ventures into little-known waters.

undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action.

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A route travelled, a journey or a venture.

Miles, experiences, observations, dollars, people, connections or maybe all of these.

Join the ride and let’s see where this venture leads > it’s an ongoing journey to freedom, but will we make it in time!?

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xtra extras> more than a book < venturers guide > even contains a secret code – only available in the printed 1st editions 

plus > the only book available Worldwide which includes GPS visuals to enable you to go drive a complete lap of Kazakhstan – something everyone should aim to do at least once > you might enjoy it! & discover hidden treasure on your way!