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Route 1 Million – make money work

Yes, it’s coming! The inspiring Route 1 Million venture book –  it’s only taken 50years! – so just wait a little longer please.

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It’s going to be an interesting new visual format – fast fire – cut to the chase.

Full of solid info and tips – a real useful venture book to make money work;

  • Learn from 1st hand experience of world enterprising freelancers
  • Get fast fire insights and business tips
  • Relate to real life challenges, personal and financial to help you gain mementum
  • Lots of financial insights to help make your money work
  • Attention – and sales insights – delivered in fast clear English

A journal type book which you can draw on for inspiration – and you’ll find it so useful you’ll buy all your friends, children and family their own copy also!

If you’re excited to get the Route1Million bookdrop me a line, get on the pre-order list and encourage me to ‘write faster’!   lots of wisdom from the Silk Road

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Sharing real life experiences from venturing experts

Fast – direct info-visuals – which will help anyone looking to venture – explore – business – and grow freelance opportunities

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Make your money work

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Inspiration and practical advice to make your own route to 1million a practical achievable reality

To help you take on your own Route 1 Million

A million miles, ventures, dollars, connections or all of these!

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Wherever you dream to venture