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Digital online income – Route1 digital tool kit

Are you feeling slightly overwhelmed by how exactly to go from working non stop in your real Word business or job – to creating a digital automated income stream from your knowledge?  I’ve been through the same process! and I’m here to help.

It’s a confusing world right! > who to trust, who’s real, who’s a scam, which courses provide real value and knowledge you can put straight to work?  As an experienced small business owner, based in UK, with over 20 years experience, I’ve met a lot of business people as well as working and travelling from UK to Asia and throughout USA.  I’ve gained a lot of ‘real-world’ insights and experience – enough for a Route1 venturers handbook actually!  The tricky part is how to get your knowledge working passively for you, digitally online!?

Even if you’ve very little real world experience, or don’t necessarily want to sell yourself or your own products online, is it possible to use your passion for the internet and sharing knowledge to make an online income?  The short answer is yes it is!


I have started compiling my own digital tool kit to contain everything you’ll need to get well informed, learn the latest relevant info for online affiliate marketing, plus which tools are best to make everything work, streamlined for you,  my straight forward Route1  ‘the direct approach’!

Tools for creating online passive income

Most good online sales systems centre around a simple structure; It’s really not that complicated once you start out! Here’s an overview of how it works, recommended suggestions for who has a good reputation, plus the services they provide to help your business, or to get you started out monetising your knowledge, passion, products or service.

Disclosure: Where there are affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend.  I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

  1. The knowledge, everything you need to automate your own digital services is available online: There’s really no need to spend a lot of money buying endless so called ‘social media guru’s’ training courses.  Regardless of who’s advice you follow, you will always need to put in the solid work yourself if you want to get meaningful results from promoting your services online.
  2. Whilst some of the courses will teach you everything you need to know about finding your own niche, or how to make money online, by recommending other peoples products or services, it’s still more effective for you longer term, if you find out where to look and how to do the research yourself.

    Here’s the basics of how making money online from affiliate marketing works.  A key thing that newbies often don’t realise, is just how many businesses have created affiliate commissions and how to access the information to decide which ones are trustworthy, relevant and worth promoting.

  3. I’d recommend sticking to either promoting your own products and services OR those that are connected to something which you’re either knowledgable about, experienced in, or products & services which you’ve used and can solidly recommend yourself.
    Personally, I only list people, kit, or services here who I’ve personally worked with, bought and had good service from myself, or in some cases I’ve found really good recommended services whilst doing my own thorough research, part of which I always look for reputable history, solid trusted referrals and a good track record.
  4. Join a free affiliate service which provides you with the referral web links to quality businesses and services.  These companies exist to help their clients – ‘the businesses producing the goods and services’ –  to promote themselves.  This is how you get paid, for recommending other businesses and services.
    Here’s some to get you started: Clickbanks is one of the best known and trusted. They also have their own informative training on how to use affiliate marketing and get the best from their commission paying affiliates.
  5. Set up your own blog, web site OR just let someone else manage that for you. Here’s my own info & advice for how I set up this web site & host it with 1and1low cost web hosting, which I’ve personally found totally reliable and easy to manage. I can also assist helping you get everything in place for your web site, if you’re unsure how to get it all structured and automated.

    BlueHost is also another excellent highly recommended web hosting company who provide fast reliable web hosting services, especially popular with American based businesses and wordpress bloggers.

  6. Automate your email and digital content delivery, I can help show you how to do that also.
  7. Lead pages / funnels:  basically these are the current form of an online sales page: they’re purposefully designed to be direct to the point sales, like a 1 page web site, or video – to showcase the products in a way that leads you towards making a purchase without the distractions of all the usual online clutter.
    * They’re not essential – unless you’re specifically looking to ‘target’ sales, in which case – a good funnel or lead page is pretty much the done thing in 2019.  As ever, there’s good and bad.
  8. Part of generating the marketing element – will be either learning or using someone else’s skills in: copyrighting – creating attention grabbing headlines and content, data gathering on things like what works, what people want, what’s relevant and where to look, how to interpret the info you access, i.e. do your research!
    You can learn how to do all this yourself online, it’s not so hard with a few pointers! or simply let someone else lead you through the process, which is another aspect that’s included in some of the better online training courses for business opportunities, affiliate marketing and paid online social media advertising.  If you’d like an un-biased overview, without getting placed into someone’s ‘sales funnel’! You’re welcome to message me and use my consultation service, with a free initial chat to determine any follow on strategies, which would then be chargeable with a 1 off payment £150 for a comprehensive review of everything you need to progress positive action – zero sales pressure to do anything else!
  9. Online traffic, i.e people who want to hear about your services.  The important aspect here is that the traffic you generate ‘your audience’ should ideally be relevant to what you’re offering.  Like – if you’re reading my blog here about small businesses, work from home, freelancing, increasing sales, profits, passive income etc – chances are that it’s because you’re interested in these business things, from a perspective of someone who’s doing it the real world himself, you’re looking for ‘earning experience.’
    * Basically, you can target your perfect audience using tools like facebook ads, Youtube, Instagram etc – as well as your own content.   I can give you a free overview of how to do this yourself as well.
  10. Customer service: often overlooked!  but if you’re selling anything, you need to be able to communicate well and follow up with good service.  This is often an overlooked part of an online, or even high street business! The basics to have in place are:
    A/ Good email routines, ideally quality relevant automated replies and FAQ’s – to save yourself and your clients time.
    B/ Invoicing and contracts, the basics of taking an order, (if you’re selling your own products)
    C/ Accounting software and procedure – we’re basically heading to tax & accounting being all online nowadays.
    D/ Follow ups – to make sure your customers have what they need and remain happy repeat customers.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this review page and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but doing so would not have any costs difference to you than were you to link direct to any of the mentioned services or web sites.  Although minimal, any referred commissions all help towards my time and costs in providing this free web site and information.  Any links on this site are all products I highly recommend or that I have verified and/or personally used.