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Starting out getting your own wordpress blog online? here’s my easy web site tips and a summary of how I manage my own web sites using simple digital tools and solid reliable web hosting services. Advice and info for choosing domains, brand names, finding your niche plus hosting low cost efficient web sites that are easy to build and manage yourself in-house.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this review page and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but doing so would not have any costs difference to you than were you to link direct to any of the mentioned services or web sites.  These are all products I highly recommend or that I have verified and/or personally used.

  1. What’s your why!? I mean it’s good if you take a few long walks and really nail down what it is you want to do, what are you real passionate about? have unique insights, any expertise? what makes you leap out of bed to get started on?  what do you want to achieve from the blog/site and why it will be useful or interesting?
    * I’d say it’s fine to be experimental, but if you’re looking to make some money and work freelance, then you definitely need to define your own identity, style or USP and why/how that might be of interest to your audience.
  2. Find a good reasonably priced web host – I would definitely recommend having your own domain and hosted site, rather than using an all inclusive service. That way you retain more control of your content and site appearance, designs etc  I’ve used 1and1 wordpress hosting various sites over the last 20 years – always find their services competitive, fast, good support if you need to speak to a real person.* I use their managed wordpress server – which means they take care of the technical back-end wordpress updates, which leaves me to focus on the actual site design and content. I currently pay roughly £10 / month for there pro-service, which includes everything I need to host 3 sites. If you’re just setting up a single site, the costs will be less, starting from around just £1/month on their intro offer if you follow my link & then £5-£12 per month thereafter.
    * I’d advise that you go straight for the SSL secure certificate as well, to give your site the site-lock https prefix, it’s faster, safer = customers and the Google-God all like it! (my R1 site will add this once it has added e-commerce).
    * If you’re looking for a cheap low cost entry start – fine, go with the entry £1 / £5 offer, but personally if you’re serious about performing well online, I’d go straight to the pro or expert service – simply because it will give you a faster web site, which helps your customers access your site faster, which helps your Google speed ranking, which helps you get better found online & do more business!
    Another hosting company that comes up very well recommended – especially for USA bloggers and wrodpress hosting etc is: Blue Host.
  3. Spend plenty of timing searching for a good wordpress template that has a clean code and isn’t too gimmicky looking – try to visualise the type of content and styles that you’ll be planning on building and aim to match that with a suitable base template.  Warning – get plenty of coffee to hand – because there’s millions to choose from! and it takes some time browsing, testing demo’s reading reviews etc
    * my experience – I’d go straight to the paid versions of wordpress templates, once you find something that works for you – if you just go to ‘free sites’ you’ll quickly find that there’s some missing features you’d really like to have on your site.
  4. Widgets and plugins is where it’s all happening in the land of wordpress DIY site builds! What’s a wordpress widget and plugin!?
    * I’d define Widgets as; a module which provides an easy function to your site – it’s applied, by activating in the widgets panel and simply dragging it to the desired location, then fill out it’s content.
    Plugins; add more functions, like coding that you don’t need to code yourself! Searching plugins are how you’ll find virtually any function that you’d like to add to your wordpress blog.  (i’ll list mine for you soon / still adding!:) most are free, although I’ll usually try them out and then look to upgrade to the paid versions on the one’s I find really useful; (to-add ASAP)
  5. Domain discovery tip – definitely find a name that contains a descriptive word/s about you / your blog, OR use something quirky – which will connect with your audiences imagination. .com’s are hard to find nowadays, but the good news – there’s a lot of new top level domains available, like .link or .co
    I chose Route1Million – because it’s symbolic of my own journey as well as future developments – starting Route1digital, all of which is inspired by travel, setting off, getting things done fast and direct – Route1!
    Both have connections to travelling long distances, resourcefulness, making money work from freelance businesses, Maybe the name resinates with other freelancers, venturers and aspiring entrepreneurs.
    Hopefully it proves to be a catchy name also! + the title of my >  venturers handbook Route1Million

I will be providing ongoing updated east to follow tips and info for getting your own blog and web site online, updated, managed and functioning efficiently across the Search Engines and all mobile devices. Or contact me to get a 1:1 consultation to help get your own project moving.

Meanwhile, for getting started and managing web sites at competitive prices, here’s a good place to start – take a look at the hosting company I’ve been using 1and1 to host my Route1Million web site efficiently.

I host this site using a managed wordpress server package and it’s incredible just how easy it is – and just how low the costs to self host and manage have become over the past few years.

Costs are around £6-£10 per month, all inclusive – domain, web site, server hosting and they handle all of the security and server side updates.  Even more amazingly – they also tend to have an initial first year intro offers.  If you follow the links here, 1and1 wordpress you’ll be able to scroll down to get the special intro offers, plus I may receive a small 1 off affiliate referral – which all helps my costs providing all of this free info here for you.

* Note – personally I’d just take the wordpress site hosting and domain service  –  and not use their own site build templates, that way you’ll have much more choice to find a third party wordpress design template that best suits your own style and needs.

Route1 – I choose to host and manage my web site with 1and1

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link info here:  1and1 web sites domains and hosting services.

Disclaimer: If you use their services after following the links here, I may receive a small affiliate commission which does all help contribute to providing the free info and advice here.  Prices for all services are the same wether you order via this site or any other/direct link.