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I will be providing some east to follow tips and info for getting your own web site online, updated, managed and functioning efficiently across the Search Engines and all mobile devices.

Meanwhile, for getting started and managing web sites at competitive prices, I’ve been using 1and1 to host our web site efficiently.

I host this site on a managed wordpress server package and it’s incredible just how easy it is – and just how low the costs to self host and manage have become over the past few years.  E.G with 1and1 wordpress 

Costs are around £6-£10 per month, all inclusive – domain, web site, server hosting and they handle all of the security and server side updates.  Even more amazingly – they tend to have an initial first year intro offer which can cost as low as £3.99 / month.  If you follow the links here, you’ll get the special intro offers, plus we get a small 1 off affiliate referral – which all helps my costs providing all this free info here for you.

Route1Million choose to host and manage my web site with 1and1

I can highly recommend good value and reliable web hosting.

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link info here:  1and1 web sites domains and hosting services.