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Independent view on Transferwise money transfers

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My own review using Transferwise for money exchange foreign currency transfers

I’m sharing my own real-world – real-life, un-biaised opinions on how and where to find fair value deals to get more Pounds, Dollars and Euros for your money, when you buy, sell or exchange foreign currencies into or from UK Pounds.

My opinions are based on my own experience using the UK Pound – EU Euro plus US Dollar as our main travel currency when I travel around the World, including throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

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Real World travel and business owners tips

The opinions here are purely editorial and meant to give you a first hand opinion from real life, everyday travellers and businesses. You should always do your own research and be happy that you are comfortable with the organisation you choose to use to buy, sell or transfer your foreign currencies.
* see affiliate link disclaimer if you choose to use any of the services noted.

Foreign currency transfer provider I preferred using in 2018

That aside, here’s my current Route1million top choice;

If you are transferring foreign currencies, or ordering travel money, including Euros, Dollars, Thai Baht, 40+ currencies  – I have been using the online services of; TransferWise – which is currently my no.1 preference.

Fast review and real World comparisons on Foreign currency transfers

Pros; It’s a fast, easy online system, easy to set up, allows transfers in/out to UK linked bank accounts,
Features: Can send money in over 60 Countries, up to 8x cheaper than a bank, borderless currency account, 40+ currencies, linked Mastercard® free to pay with currencies from linked account, free £200 ATM withdrawals, convert money at real rates.
Costs: No mark ups to the interbank mid currency exchange rates. Instead you get a fixed low fee, which then enables you to get a good comparison on how much XYZ Currency you get for your Dollars, Pounds etc
See the real mid rate here

Bottom Line: The most important thing we’re usually looking for is HOW MUCH DO WE GET FOR OUR MONEY & “WHAT’S IT COST”.  All foreign exchange currency providers should provide you this basic information and enable you to get a clear comparison on costs.

2nd line; I also believe there’s an added value if the service is A/ Reputable & trusted  B/ Efficient  C/ Friendly – basically providing good service has some extra added value in my opinion. It’s not necessarily always about just getting an extra few cents and pennies on your transfers, right!?

You can use my free link to check out Transferwise for yourself.

I’d love to hear your opinions any other great services you’ve discovered to share value with our Route1 Million readers.

Most banks and other providers will advertise a low fee and then add in some extra margins to the rates they give. Everyone who’s swapping money – has to make their cut! The deal is finding the one’s who’ll do it efficiently and at a fair value exchange.

I like clear upfront fee’s – it’s like you get exactly what’s on the label!

Who are Transferwise and why I like them!

Like a lot of good stories, this one starts with two friends.

TransferWise was founded by two friends, Taavet and Kristo. Taavet was the first employee at Skype, (that’s some pretty good credentials hey!) He was paid in euros, but lived in London. Kristo worked for Deloitte in London so was paid in pounds, but had a mortgage to pay in euros.

They realised that transferring money with the banks meant wasting time and money on bank fees and exchange rate markups. So instead, each month, they looked up the actual exchange rate on Reuters, Taavet put his euros into Kristo’s Estonian bank account, and Kristo topped up Taavet’s UK bank account with pounds. Both got the currency they needed almost instantly, and neither paid an extra cent on hidden bank fees.

They thought, ‘There must be others like us…’ and started building a platform to help people all over the world move money across borders without the bank fees. It would become the billion-dollar business that is TransferWise.  Simple – does exactly what it says on the tin!

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out Transferwise for yourself.


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