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A route travelled, a journey or a venture to a million.

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venture far

Setting off’s the most important decision.

Your own voyage will be unique to you – follow your excitable self and see where it leads

LIVE on the road 2018 – 2019  driving the Silk Road operating and supporting an overland expedition, heading out to Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Laos and Thailand and then continuing; 2019 organising an overland expedition setting off from SE Asia, Thailand, Laos to travel overland through China, by Everest base camp and Tibet, across to Kashgar – then overland through the Stans, traveling to Europe and UK.  Continuing to launching a new value sharing enterprise into America 2019/20.

Make it happen

Route1Million will appeal to you if you’ve ever thought to yourself, what if only I could just set off and see what happens! a journey, a business venture, change of direction or an attempt at something new in life.

Sharing insights from real life experience of over 30 years exploring, traveling and running freelance businesses

Stay curious and explore the meaning and reasoning for why things are done a certain way, remain ‘un-reasonable’ in the goals and demands we set ourselves.

Authors Profile

I started out age 17 with £100, a flimsy dollar ruck sack and a rough plan to travel the World. No-one stopped me, so I just set off!

I guess that was the start of Route1Million.

Every role or journey I’ve taken has had a strong financial motivation – either to survive or find a means to move forwards . I’m always searching for ways to become more independent, self-sufficient and remain in control of my own destiny.

Supplementing income with  enterprising projects.

Route1Million will be sharing views about;

1. Passive income, generate enough currency to be self sufficient and stay resourceful.
2. Exploring, making and managing enterprise – free-spirited overlanding, Silk Road & links between UK to China & USA.
3. Networks and resources which build and share value to help us thrive as individuals, freelancers and businesses.

venture far

a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

pioneering ventures into little-known waters.

undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action.

Route1 million routes miles ventures blog r1

© Steve Hotson – 2018 –  ‘Route1Million’ ‘–  ‘Venture’