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Hello money’s a novel fun topic hey!

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Making money should be fun, there’s plenty of it!

Why is there often such a negative aura, like a taboo associated with discussing printed paper currencies, often referred to as money!  Is it because western banks and governments like to play the fear game, limiting just how adventurous their citizens might get if they discover too many truths about how to manage and build wealth!

After-all – have you ever stopped to think who creates most of the fiat currency ‘pretend money’  which we’re forced / or ‘encouraged’ to use in our daily lives!

Who make Dollars

 Most of what we’d been taught to think of as money is in reality nothing more than an illusion, or ‘confidence trick’ of governments, who in turn create a veil of confusion and complexity in money matters – shrouding it in complex sounding financial jargon!  The best example of which is the so called ‘Federal Reserve’ which is actually no more federal than Fedex! but is really a collaboration of privately owned American banking dynasties who each own a share of what we’re led to believe is the printing mechanism for the Worlds global reserve currency.

Most US $ Dollars exist ‘electronically’ or in the form of paper, or electronic promissory notes, or bonds.

What is money

There is virtually nothing backing this pretend ‘fiat’ money, other than peoples confidence that someone else will accept the pretend money in return for goods or services, but imagine if people decide they don’t want to hold their savings and assets in pretend cheaply printed paper money, or key-stroke created ‘dollar’ liabilities.

Real money or fake news!? who makes Dollars, does anything back them? what’s the true value

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is paper money real?

Since the modern monetary system is pretty much a confidence trick – of which we’re forced by national governments and profiteering privately owned banks, the best we can do is learn to play their game and make their fake money (fiat currencies) work for us.

Whilst ever the masses remain ignorant to the reality, the few will continue to profit

Crypto digital currencies

Perhaps this is why there’s a rampant serge towards Crypto currencies, the like of Bitcoin and Ethereum are grabbing the attention of millennials in search of a faster, fairer form of currency of which they can have more control directly themselves?

foreign currency units

DSDOLLAR New World digital money

‘Digitally secure blockchain Dollar’ ?

I’ll be exploring some alternative thinking here, alongside the views of some real great minds from the world of finance and dollar hegemony – with the aim to help us all find fair value and share the ability to gain a more equal footing in the vast prosperity our planet as provided for society (rather than most of that wealth simply going to the inside-few!)

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