Money side of venture – travel & enterprise

“Money” – that dirty subject hardly anyone talks about! and certainly doesn’t get taught in schools! Yet it’s pivotal in virtually everything we’re taught or inspired to do!

“Motorbikes” – almost as dirty as money!

Traveling by bike enables me to be a close part of the communities.  Once I step out of the saddle the closeness to people is immediate.  I’ve always thought it’s like the wild western days riding into town on horse back, people make an immediate connection, there’s a sense of vulnerability when it’s just you & your horse!

Whilst I’ve got a road-side seat to the World, it’s great to share how it’s possible to live and travel on modest budgets by being resourceful, traveling minimalist and discovering values from financial perspectives across the World.

A personal finance perspective to Travel-Live-Work, pretty much everything we do is affected by money & cost.

Cut to the chase money info!  Great services, people, products, businesses & communities who provide fair honest value.