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I’ve worked pretty much 35 years in and around all forms of vehicles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses and now am even the proud owner of my very own totally unique Chinese build electric eco tandem!  I’ve lost count – but must have owned and maintained at least 100 of my own vehicles over the years – since I literally stared driving the day I passed my drivers test, on my 17th birthday.

I’m going share my own personal and business experience here – to give you some inside knowledge from the motor industry.

Let’s explore good value and how to buy, own, run and maintain vehicles efficiently – at good value.

How to get the best deals when you buy, or sell! your car or motorcycle (works for houses, boats and vans as well)

Even as a 17 year old apprentice car salesman it never ceased to amaze me just how little attention people gave to the money side of buying or owning their vehicle. (yes, we kinda did sales-training back in the Ford Capri days!)

My experience has been; people get too emotional over vehicles, cars, bikes etc – and visualise themselves cruising down Miami beach in their soft-top, rather than making the inflated monthly payments because they failed to do a couple of extra hours work figuring out the pros and cons of what they were buying into, i.e. more often than not – an overpriced, leveraged (over-financed) depreciating asset.

The future of car & motorcycle ownership

Let’s not get bogged down in the past though. Cut to the chase; nowadays people are simply looking at – ‘monthly cost of ownership’ – for their Miami-cruise-machine!
Things are becoming more automated, including the sales processes, insurance using black box mileage and drive style tracking, finance funding deals that are supported by the manufacturers, online sales brokers, electric cars – using an inclusive cost of use system – like Tesla, car ownership is being sold as one complete life-style buy in nowadays – and will only increase as companies like Google and Amazon move into the motor trade and lifestyle business!

Therefore, moving forwards – the biggest thing we can do to help us manage and evaluate our transport ownership is; learn to negotiate!  Learn to sell, before the dealers sell to you!

In reality, in the digital age – this is probably going to be more a case of learning how to ‘opt out’ rather than get ‘pre-opted in’ to various automated sales processes.  Yes, almost everywhere companies are developing very clever automated sales funnels, systems to lure you into a ‘sales channel’ from which it’s oh so hard to drag yourself to opt back out!

The motor trade used presumptive sales techniques forever! i.e add those £99 fitted car mats, £200 body sealing wax and £100 mud-flaps – onto your order, who’d not want the £399 protection pack right! (when in reality you could polish your own car and buy some nice rubber mats for about £35 all in!!)