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Fast precise information and tips to help you keep in touch and communicate whilst traveling the World.

Good value services

Keep it simple! :  All you really need to know is:

  1. Get an unlocked (not locked to any specific mobile network) mobile phone, into which you can buy a local travel sim card, once you reach your destination Country
  2. There’s a few good UK providers of international travel SIMs,  Google search will pull up plenty to choose from, dependant on where you’re travelling.
  3. Check your own mobile operators international rates / deals
  4. Make sure you have a system for topping up mobile SIMS from overseas, i.e. access to wifi, a lap-top, or internet cafe, where you can log into your SIM providers top-up page. (remember to take your passwords with you!)

Fair pricing – value for money

I’ll list some of the companies and deals I’ve used myself, here soon:)

Value tips for using phones overseas

Keep it Simple – talk less! use texts, get people to phone you (most travel SIMS are free to receive calls) check your deal.

Using your phone efficiently, can save hundreds on a long trip cost, I’ve seen guys get mobile phone bills for £1000+ because they used a UK contracted phone to make and receive calls in far flung places like Russia and Kazakhstan, when they could have bought a cheap  £15 call inclusive locale sim card.

GPS SPOT trackers & devices to track travels