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Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this page or adjoining posts and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in these posts, but doing so would not have any cost difference to you than were you to link direct to any of the mentioned services or web sites.  These are all products I highly recommend or that I have verified and/or personally used.

For travel payments and international money transfers – I use TransferWise

If you are transferring foreign currencies, or ordering travel money, including Euros, Dollars, Thai Baht, 40+ currencies  – I have been using the online services of; TransferWise – which is currently my no.1 preference.

See my Transferwise review for more details, or use my  Transferwise link to check them out for yourself!

Recommended useful wordpress sites – widgets and plugins

For getting started online, blogging and managing wordpress or Joomla web sites at competitive prices, I’ve been using 1and1 to host our web site efficiently.

I host this site on a managed wordpress server package and it’s incredible just how easy it is – and just how low the costs to self host and manage have become over the past few years.  E.G with 1and1 wordpress 

Costs are around £6-£10 per month, all inclusive – domain, web site, server hosting and they handle all of the security and server side updates.  

Even more amazingly – they tend to have an initial first year intro offer which can cost as low as £3.99 / month.  If you follow the links here, you’ll get the special intro offers, plus we get a small 1 off affiliate referral – which all helps my costs providing all this free info here for you.

You can use my link to get the current best 1and1 web site hosting offers here: 1and1 Internet web hosting & Domain 

An alternative – top rated host service, especially popular with USA hosted sites and American bloggers is BlueHost – always feature strongly in the top 3 global wordpress bloggers web site hosts.

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