Where to keep your money safe

Who wants to get held up by highway robbers hey? “WallStreet bankers” High-street bankers, High-Way Robbers – they’ve all got similar intensions; to get your money! Stay safe – keep your money safe

Safe places to store your hard earned cash whilst travelling along life’s adventure highways.

Ok – here’s a few practical tips from the highway, all things I’ve done, seen or heard first hand from experienced travellers.

  • Carry a cheap spare wallet / purse with a few small dollar notes and a fake, or outdated credit card. That way you can hand it over to the highway bankers, cops or robbers when you’re held up at gun-point.
  • Remove a bike, truck or car panel – and stuff some spare cash, keys and credit card in there, (maybe covered in waterproof plastic first) for a rainy day!
  • Get a little flexible travel-safe, I use one of these – handy to lock a few valuables either inside your vehicle or hotel room. (remember not to keep the spare keys inside the safe!

Buy Gold and silver bullion to barter!

That’s right, gold is still the international currency of the World, the oldest form of money and most valued monetary asset (whilst Bitcoin comes and goes)
Silver – is the word for money in like 40 languages – and everyone loves a real shiny silver coin.

see my post: real-money  for more information and tips about buying gold and silver – how I use precious metals to hedge and protect my currency.

silver bullion 1oz coins britannia uk

Personally I like the security and safety of traveling like the  SAS!

Travel Just like Special forces

I’ve often bought and carried a few small gold bullion coins – one’s that are internationally recognised.  If you’ve never bought or travelled using gold as money (it is after all the only real physical form of money) then you’d be forgiven for thinking gold is bulky and heavy!  It is heavy but will unlikely hold much weight in the value you’d likely be comfortable carrying! $1000/£1000 worth of gold weighs approximately 1ounce! and fits inside a small wallet.

gold bullion money uk sovereign coins

Next to gold, I’d carry a few world standard 1 ounce silver bullion coins, in solid .9999 pure silver.  I’d recommend; silver Canadian Maple-leafs, or pure 1 ounce UK Britannia coins.  (US Eagles might be ok – but generally you don’t want border guards thinking you’re from the Special Boat service !).  You’d not carry much silver – it tends to weight roughly 70 times gold, Value to Value.  (Which is a strange modern day anomaly given that silver appears in the earths crust and is mined roughly 11 parts silver to 1 gold).

5 – 10 ounces of silver, is good to carry for barter.

1o ounces silver bullion money coins

All bullion makes a good safe travel money asset – it won’t erode or be barred by government interventions, nor is it susceptible to power cuts – when you’ll not be able to access your bank, savings, or use any of your credit or debit cards!  I’m guessing you’ve not read that on any other travel site right!?

All of the above – also works for you when something goes really wrong, or really right! and you just want to show your gratitude – with real money. Which co-incidently is exactly the reason Special Forces carry a small amount of physical gold in the arena. (don’t ask how I know that!)

British gold bullion sovereign coin

Still struggling to know what to get, what to carry? drop me a line and I’ll help you out, maybe I’ll even have a little spare gold or silver I can let you have! (ps – top-tip; never buy bullion from a Royal Mint – they have big mark ups to cover their marketing and staff costs! & always try to avoid buying from a retailer charging VAT – you’ll loose that 20% instantly.)  Need some advice on adding a bit of bullion to your travel kitty – or safe money? get in touch.

Where to invest and park your money safely