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World travel contacts to venture the Silk Road

My own recent experience is 10 years of driving the Silk road to China, often helping to support motorcycle adventurous get across China and Thailand.

If you’re looking to organise any kind of overland expedition or business venture which involves overland travel through Asia and China, it could well be worth a call to see how I can help you.

3 key areas I can help;  

Silk Road overland business and freelance expeditions
silk road overland route

1.  I work with motorbike expeditions to structure small ride groups to make the overland journey, usually in either May (from China to UK) or early August (Uk to China)
Look up my MotoExplorers site – to get the current silk Road expedition updates plus China guide and travel regulations.

Overlanding & World travel business advice
motor team business china silk belt transport

2. Consultation and introductions to key people, resources and information along the Silk Road + any transport project running overland through China, especially motorcycle or vehicle based.

Co-ordinate overland travel projects
moto team of travellers on 3wheel chinese emoto journey

3. Help co-ordinate, advise and get your own travel group online + UK travel event attention – to facilitate the elements required to structure a successful World expedition, or overlanding project.

Please send me a brief intro by email in the first instance, we can then arrange to talk, meet, Skype.