Who’s got your money?

Salesman’s guide to selling – go get your money

The most important art you’ll ever study + the only art they never teach us at school!
Without a constant source of cash flow, you’ll never have the freedom to relax into growing your venture, wether it’s a long journey or a business project – they all need money to constantly fuel their movement forwards.

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Sell yourself first

If you’re not selling you’re being sold

My focus will be on the more creative ways to live-work, with a strong enthuses on self-generated ‘work’. Approaches that will give you a better opportunity to ultimately be in more control of your own time and potential.

Approach to making money – efficiently

Approaches to earning money which focus on an efficient mentality – basically think; earn money by getting out and selling yourself, your service, or your product – first & fast!

Constantly scrimping and saving, cutting corners – isn’t going to create financial freedom.  Having a financial ’emergency cushion’ is good, but shouldn’t be our main focus, for creating the flows of cash we’ll need to grow.

Selling more, selling fast – and creating systems to enable us to keep doing it, is the way to go.

Create money to buy productive assets

Divert profits into further channels which also create earning opportunities – is an effective way to grow wealthier.
Rather than spending endlessly on un-necessary luxuries which depreciate..  Those sort of purchases seldom bring much value reward.

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Whereas a piece of kit, tools, or something with purpose is a far better use of money – which will enable you to be more productive and increase your earning ability.

I like the buffet quote ‘Price is something you pay, Value is something that’s sustainable’

Learning to be a productive earner

I think knowledge and constant learning are an essential part of growth, constant inquisitive hunger for knowledge.
The problem with a lot of traditional education – is that it’s too focused on history, opinions (like religion) un-necessary testing
and non productive use of time. (think lengthy essays, huge opinionated modules of this and that)
Whereas out in ‘real World’ enterprise – the key thing that matters, is simply your ability to produce and sell the goods, or services.

Cut to the chase; always find out if you can sell yourself first! i.e sell your idea, your service, your product.
Obviously there needs to be demand, a purpose – it should solve a problem for people.

Problems are good!

The more problems you’re getting, the bigger the problems, the more opportunities you’re generating.
Think like; the bigger the problems you can solve for people, the more you get paid!

Personally, I see ‘work’ as the ultimate reward – it’s my fuel to keep my creative energies sparking. Without work, I feel lazy and un-fulfilled.

Work is also seen as a real privilege in many cultures,  whereas often in the west it’s seen as a chore.

Hard work is the torque that drives my motor, which in turn generate momentum.

Momentum ‘doing’ – and doing constantly, is what creates an efficient habit. Habits / routinely working at something, is what increases our skill or strength.  (like routinely exercising at the same time each day until it becomes habitual, which in turn makes it easier = better results.  Selling yourself / your service is just the same, do it more routinely – and you’ll get better results, i.e ‘earn more money’!

How to charge for freelance work

My own experience has been that in freelance work, there’s often a tendency to sell yourself too cheaply, take on projects or jobs that aren’t a good use of time or resources. Especially in the early years, it can be hard to say no to a commission or offer, when you’re hungry for the gratification of getting a client or order.

Since I’m aiming to explore things from a monetary perspective here, I won’t be dwelling too much on the more traditional ‘get a job, work for someone’ aspects. In my experience, those work routes are fine for people looking to take a moderate / average approach to life, but unless you’re working in highly specialised work, it’s unlikely it will provide a path to real financial freedom.  Sure you might earn more than a lot of self-employed freelancers, top line, but deduct taxes and the fact that your time is dictated upon, these traditional occupations tend to encourage people to adapt a work / stop approach i.e. they’ll work 8 hours, perhaps 5 or 6 days and then feel a desire to simply stop and rest, or spend their salary on un-productive pastimes.

Our World requires currency – creating money requires sales

No matter what art, job, career, journey, venture or vocation you decide to pursue – you damn well better learn a few sales techniques, or you’ll constantly be the one being ‘sold to’!  Even learning just a few basic sales and marketing skills will place you vastly ahead of most university graduates who learn absolutely nothing about real World survival in the money earning jungle (job market!)

Actually – ‘Universities are masters at selling themselves’! They create their brand, content and a channel to educate (sell their over-priced courses)  which in turn funds their vast property portfolios, as well as the part time lecturers inflated salaries and holidays (yes, the students actually pay the lecturers to spend half their time at home or on holiday, just like western schools hey)

I’m not totally against university education, for jobs requiring focused honing of skills, like doctors – it is of-course an essential part of the accepted journey. I just think for people lacking the aptitude for ‘formal’ or a more traditional professional life, it’s potentially not a great use of your time and resources (cost! / debt!) If you’re going to be venture creative, or entrepreneurial – just get on with it!

You’ve probably figured by now that by in large;

A/ I’m not University brainwashed
B/ Consider there’s far better ways to spend your time and money, if creating freedom is your goal (granted Uni is probably essential should you desire a route of slavery to the hourly systems)
C/ I’ve never had a college or Uni debt (opted to work, sell, hustle, earn and figure out my own way) 

Good traditional sales, friendly follow ups and efficient customer service – simple real useful skills possibly not taught at university!

sales lady selling tea direct to public in street shop

Learn to sell yourself – sales really is an essential skill set for making money.

Why do authors want to be ‘Best Sellers’!?

Who ever says – ‘You should go get that American travel book, it’s a best writer’!?  The Best Sellers – sell more!
They’ve figured out how to sell you their story.  Everywhere you go, you’re going to be sold.  Turn up on any far flung border and you’ll be greeted by the currency sellers – and if you’ve not figured out sales, you’re gonna get sold!

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